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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Ho-Ho-Ho Travels and Insurance-III: Home and Away

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In this post of the series on holiday travel and international travel insurance, let us look at how one can ensure a great holidays even when away from home. Many families with friends and relatives in a different continent (most popularly, Europe) travel overseas to spend Christmas and New Year abroad. Of course, one of the things you must purchase, before a Europe-worthy wardrobe, is international travel health insurance.

Also remember the following tips when traveling abroad during Christmas season: If you’ll be staying at people’s houses over the holiday, remember to pack in a few extra mementos or Christmas presents from your home country. Remember to not wrap any presents before your flight—you never know what will be checked by customs. If your schedule is packed, you may want to keep the "important" presents in your carry-on luggage.

Once you arrive at the destination, remember that your traditional Christmas may be different than your hosts’. Be open about different traditions, and do not try to enforce your traditions on them. If there are any new dishes that you are served, ask about their ingredients, if you or your children have food allergies. Illnesses arising from food allergies may not be covered under your insurance.

If you are traveling with kids, ensure that there is some part of the festival that they can connect with—maybe attending Midnight Mass, or singing a family favorite. If you have a packed schedule, ensure that you still set aside some time to stop and smell the spirit of Christmas all around you!

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