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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Ho-Ho-Ho Travels and Insurance-IV: Basically, Take Care

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Santa’s just saddling up his reindeer, and you are hopefully at your destination already, international travel health insurance in hand. As you get ready to celebrate Christmas local style, remember a few basic things that will help you ensure that your insurance remains unused, and you have a safe and healthy holiday.

In some parts of the world, it is common for folks to set off fireworks during festivals. Be aware of that, and participate only if you are confident of your safety. Remember that your insurance may consider setting off fireworks as a hazardous activity.

Also, remember that Christmas Eve is a night of partying for many, and the flow of alcohol might be at its height. Park in designated spots only. Else, if someone vandalizes your car, you will not be able to make a valid car collision insurance claim.

If you are planning to spend Christmas at a local charity event, ensure that you still follow basic hygiene. It is easy to forget basic principles such as washing hands often, and drinking only bottled water (or boiled water), when you are in the midst of the spirit of the holidays, but remember that a safe Christmas is a truly merry Christmas!

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