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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Hurt By New Airline Fees? Save With International Travel Insurance

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New airline fees have either gone into effect or been announced by more carriers this week. This is the latest in a long line of factors making it more expensive for international travelers to fly. For travelers looking to save money by protecting their investment, there is no better option than international travel insurance.

The new fees were announced by Spirit Airlines, which will be charging passengers for carrying luggage onto flights, and Ryanair, which is proposing to charge a fee to customers using the restroom on flights. These are certainly two of the more creative fees that have been introduced and they will likely be met with displeasure by travelers.

Travelers have previously been subjected to increased fuel taxes, service charges, and fees for checking their bags. Each of these fees makes it incrementally more expensive to travel.

International travel insurance protects the significant investment you make in airline tickets and hotel accommodations. For a small fee, you can get reimbursed for tickets that you have to cancel due to personal or business reasons, as well as from missed connections and delays. That way, if an unforeseen incident arises, you will not lose all of the money you spent on the ticket and its accompanying fees.

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