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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

So many people ask this question. When I already have domestic health insurance that covers health care in my native country, what is the point of buying round trip insurance? This is an argument we hear many times. On the face of it, it seems so obvious that many people take it as a given that travel insurance is not really necessary for return journey to one's native country. Since I have health insurance at home, once I am on the flight to my country, I don't need any more additional coverage.

Experts recommend purchasing travel insurance for the entire period of your travel, right up to the point you touch down in your country. Where then, is the disconnect?

Well, here it is. Something that most people forget. In most overseas travels, there is one (or more) stopover(s). A flight from India to the USA will usually stop somewhere in Europe for refueling. Or, you might be boarding a connecting flight from another country. Sometimes there is a waiting period of 8-10 hours in the airport.

Now, any health problem encountered there will obviously not be covered by your domestic medical insurance policy. In other words, you do need travel insurance for your return journey too.

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