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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

  • Insurance Ensures Mission Happiness Gets Off to Good Start

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For missionaries serving in remote places, the season is too full of activity, and missionary insurance can go a long way in helping deal with some of the fallout of the extra busy season. Special coverage helps missionaries with the costs of falling ill, if that should occur.

For missionaries who are not celebrating with family, the week of Christmas and New Year can be really hectic (and sometimes, depressing). Typically, missionaries visit several villages and towns around the season, spreading the idea and joy of Christmas to one and all. Those on missions double up as Santa Claus, elves, and sometimes, the preacher as well.

A typical “working” day can last for over 12 hours up to Christmas. Even after, the activity is only somewhat lessened, as missionaries need to visit villages that were left out, and with accounts and other housekeeping activities of the Church occupying a lot of time. All this activity, unfortunately, makes for higher susceptibility to infection and illnesses.

Adequate missionary insurance, with consultation and prescription fees covered up to 100% outside the United States, provides the perfect solution. If the illness moves beyond the “home remedy” stage, it is always best to travel to the nearest hospital and get checked out. It is very important that missionaries save their receipts and other information, to enable better reimbursement.

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