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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ransom negotiators and SWAT teams may look glamorous on screen, but when it happens to you, you’re best prepared with adequate international travel health insurance that includes kidnap and ransom coverage. When you’re visiting a foreign country and you become a victim of kidnapping, adequate coverage can save your life.

Kidnap and ransom coverage is usually offered as an optional rider to regular international travel health insurance. Plans such as International Major Medical Plan offer coverage within the United States as well. If you’re traveling to countries with a high rate of kidnap, such as Columbia or Peru, the coverage is worth considering.

Under this coverage, the underwriters reimburse expenses that are incurred as part of a kidnapping event. Usually, coverage also extends to crisis response team fees. Crisis response teams assess the kidnap and/or ransom situation and advise the family according to the assessment.

You will require kidnap and ransom coverage if you are perceived to be wealthy or powerful. It is not necessary for you to be actually wealthy to benefit from the coverage—kidnappers work more on perceptions than reality. Remember that most kidnappings have ransom as the primary motive, and in most cases, the ransom is paid.

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