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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

  • Insurance Helps Missionaries Work in Peace, and War!

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The recent kidnapping of an Irish priest in the city of Zambaonga in the Phillipines has once again brought into sharp focus the perilous lives of missionaries across the world. It is imperative that all missionaries and aid workers who work outside of their own country are adequately covered by missionary insurance or other insurance when they travel on missions.

Often, missionaries work under stressful and unhygienic conditions, with the threat of violence against them looming large. If you are a missionary, when your ministry offers limited or no insurance, it is in your best interest that you purchase insurance that offers a range of benefits.

Adequate health coverage is on top of the list, as studies show that missionaries are among the highest risk groups for illnesses during trips abroad. Coverage against extraneous circumstances, including accidental death and dismemberment benefits are also advisable. There are several kinds of missionary insurance, as Missionary Insurance Types for a Variety of Benefits details.

Research your destination as much as possible. While it makes sense to take out additional coverage related to kidnappings and other eventualities for a mission to the Philippines, it may not be necessary for a mission to Australia. Try to know more about the health insurance system of the destination before you purchase insurance.

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