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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

One of the costliest parts of any medical treatment is the expense for time spent in an ICU (intensive care unit). Every day in the ICU might cost upwards of $1000 and in the final hospital bill it is usually the biggest component. If you would ever need to undergo an operation which requires such care, your international health insurance policy will cover it along with normal hospital room charges along with other expenditures. But, there are a few clauses and policy maximum limits.

The limits to intensive care are set differently in different policies. Some policies set a limit of a dollar amount, say 1 million dollars for intensive care (which is usually the policy limit itself). Such policies might have a limit to each individual component as the policy limit, which means all together cannot exceed a pre-declared fixed number.

There are other international medical insurance policies that set a daily limit, say $1500 per day for intensive care and $600 per day for hospital room. Along with this, there could be a limit on the number of days that can be spent in an ICU or a room, say 180 days or 240 days.

Understand the limits and limitations of a policy before signing on the dotted line, or clicking on the buy button. (Note: All numbers quoted are indicative figures used as examples, and not the actual limits. Limits vary from policy to policy)

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