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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • International Insurance Not Just About Health

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When you buy international travel medical insurance, the only thing on your mind is probably that it will help you in case you get ill. However, international travel insurance offers much more than just medical coverage; in fact, these may be the benefits you need!

First things first: Read your policy carefully for details of the non-medical benefits your plan provides. The most common benefits include baggage loss assistance and trip interruption coverage. Some group plans also offer coverage to replace a group leader or chaperone, in case the current chaperone needs to cut his/her trip short or cannot make it to the trip.

Some plans also offer identity theft assistance, which covers all the costs related to neutralizing the effect of the stolen identity, including applying for duplicate documents, long distance phone calls and other related charges.

Other coverage that can come in useful includes concierge assistance, rental vehicle assistance, and general help with emergency situations. Select plans offer referrals to legal services when traveling, when required. The next time you’re covered under a travel health insurance plan, know that it is not just about your health!

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