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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • International Life Insurance for Peaceful Travel

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International travel is quite commonplace today, as globalization takes center stage. In 2008, nearly 922 million international arrivals were recorded. However, the travel industry has seen a slowdown in recent times, what with the economy and the swine flu playing spoilsport. Auxiliary costs such as international travel insurance have also taken a backseat.

One of the costs that travelers seem to ignore is international life insurance. However, it not just makes sense, but is also imperative in many situations. With rising mortgage rates and the age of the average homeowner decreasing, it is necessary to ensure the future of your family.

International life insurance is especially recommended for executives who travel often, and for people whose work or pleasure requires them to indulge in risky activities. Companies may also want to purchase international life coverage for executives traveling abroad.

International life insurance can be purchased as a standalone policy, or along with international medical insurance. Most of these plans provide coverage against acts of war, terrorism, and offer benefits such as medical evacuation, emergency reunion, and permanent disability coverage.

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