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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

  • International Student Insurance and Other Complex Issues

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One of the biggest mysteries for students who study in American universities is the way international student health insurance works. Here’s a true story of how that insurance worked for an international student who was injured in college.

Anita (name changed), worked as a graduate assistant at a university’s Study Abroad program office. When walking down the steps while at work, she suddenly slipped, breaking her ankle. She was immediately rushed to the university hospital, where it was established that she had broken a bone.

The shocking news then awaited her: Her policy would only pay for half the $11,000 bill. Literally in tears, she was saved by the sound advice of one of her American friends—find out if the building had insurance for students who sustained injuries when at work. It turned out they had, and the policy paid for most of Anita’s medical costs, bar $1000 or so.

Lesson learned: The insurance world is quite complex and an event that might not be covered under one policy might be covered under another. It’s always a good idea to ask someone knowledgeable about these things. Especially when you’re a penurious student with minimal U.S. international student health insurance.

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