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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

“Entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of American ideals”, but has America and Americans forgotten this? Could this be the way out of the current recession? Should the economy and Americans get bogged down by the pink slips or worry about the jobs being outsourced to other countries? Is this the America we know? Loosing its glorious path and crying fowl? From the days of Henry Ford to Iacoca to Jack Welch to Warren Buffet to Bill Gates to Steve Jobs to Larry Ellison, America has produced the best possible names in the Corporate world who created fortunes for entire generations.

The recession notwithstanding, it’s a heady time for young entrepreneurs starting new businesses in the U.S. The Web, a constant in most young Americans’ lives, makes it cheaper than ever to get going, there’s plenty of encouragement in the form of twenty-something role models such as Face book’s Mark Zuckerberg, and a wide array of entrepreneurship programs are available across the country. Plus, running your own business is considered cooler than ever.
“Millenials in particular want to be able to control their own destinies, and entrepreneurship allows them to do this,” says David Galbinski, the chairman-elect of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a 6,600-member networking group for business owners whose businesses’ yearly revenues exceed $1 million. The number of EO members in the 18-to-35-year-old age group has more than tripled since 2001, to 3,356, and Galbinski expects entrepreneurship to become increasingly attractive to young people.

So if you have lost your job and cursing Obama or Bush for it, forget it! This might be it. Your millions might just be a click away. Obama’s team might want to look at easing things for home businesses and encouraging entrepreneurs.

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