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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

There are many who question the need of an insurance policy that covers medical expenses when travelling abroad. Is it not but another extra expense that might never be of any use? Well, it is true that you will most probably not use the benefits of a policy.

At the end of a journey, generally lasting less than a week, it sometimes seems futile that you bought a health insurance policy and simply wasted your money. But, that is also probably the time that you should be feeling lucky that you were in good health, and didn't need to use the benefits. We could present numbers on how costly international health care is. We could discuss how a domestic policy doesn't cover medical expenses incurred abroad. But, rather than dwell on that, let us look at another angle.

People buy life insurance not because they want to use the benefits. It is a way of keeping the family and dependents safe and covered, should they be forced to use it. Health insurance is a similar concept too. It is a small loss if you have insurance, and don't actually use it. Compare it to a situation when you need one and you don't have it.

Get a policy now. It could save you a lot tomorrow. Sometimes things are worth it because they help you maintain your peace of mind.

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