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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

  • It’s All Magical, but Remember Your Insurance

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After the “Will You” and the “Yes!!!” wedding planning is on in full swing. But here’s something that’s often missed out even by the most conscientious of wedding planners: short-term medical insurance for the international honeymoon. Yes, your honeymoon fantasy does not include violent throwing up or high temperatures, but short-term international medical insurance just makes common sense. Here are some tips on making the honeymoon worry-free:

1. Do some research and check whether your current insurance covers you in your honeymoon destination, and to what extent. Especially check for emergency evacuation limits and guarantee of payment.

2. Check out your destination. Is it a place where safe drinking water is not an issue? Has the country been in the throes of an infectious disease recently? Decide your international insurance limits based on that. Our company works with reputed international insurance plan administrators to remove concerns over coverage.

Once you’ve decided to get insurance (and you should), compare rates by different companies, but don’t go crazy over it. Remember: You have tons more planning to do! Several online tools for international travel insurance will let you do this from the comfort of your home (or office)! And now, here’s the most important part: Be sure to enjoy your honeymoon!

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