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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Kick the Old Habit; Get Insurance for FIFA Travel

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The countdown has begun: Come June, and the Soccer World Cup will take center stage. If there’s ever one trip that screams out for international travel medical insurance, it is the trip to South Africa to witness the FIFA World Cup live.

Remember that accommodation and getting around can be very expensive during the World Cup, if not already booked. Also remember that South Africa is a country of distances (although not as much as the United States), and that travel needs to be planned out much in advance.

The pouring in of humanity to the stadiums will likely increase your chances of contracting an infection. Remember also that soccer matches can turn rough in the stands, if not on the field, and you must be adequately covered when traveling explicitly for the FIFA World Cup.

Ensure that you purchase insurance with hospitalization benefits. Also make a list of reputed hospitals at your stops that accept your insurance. Even if there are none that accept your insurance plan, ensure that you are aware of hospitals with decent quality of care. Enjoy your stay and safe under the protection of adequate travel medical insurance, you can scream from the stands, “GOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL”!

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