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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Know the Right Way to Claim Your Rightful Benefits

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You have trip cancellation insurance as part of your international travel insurance, and on the eve of your trip, a close family member passes away. Your insurance plan will cover a percentage of the expenses that are non-refundable, but the company will not just write you a check with a note of sympathy. You will need to prove to the insurance company that your claim is genuine.

For plans belonging to the Patriot group, you will need the following documents to buttress your claim: copies of credit card statements showing the booking and refund pertaining to the booking, all unused tickets and vouchers, and a copy of the terms and conditions pertaining to cancellation of the booking.

If the cancellation is due to a personal medical emergency, you must attach a medical certificate certifying the same, and if it is due to the death of a close family member, you must attach a death certificate along with proof of your relationship with the deceased.

Remember to include any relevant information in the claim form. If the incident occurs abroad, write down the incident as you remember it as soon as possible. Do not wait to return home. If you’re traveling, you’ll probably have a camera anyway, and be sure to take pictures of anything you might think is supporting evidence of your claim. Check claim procedures with your company before travel.

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