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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Lufthansa Strike Shows Need for Trip Cancellation Insurance

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As Lufthansa pilots threaten a four day strike, many travelers could be left without flights they've already pad for. While this particular problem of striking pilots is indeed a rare one, it does underscore the fact that travel - especially international travel - is incredibly unpredictable. And because of this, it's always a good idea to purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Lufthansa is the world's second largest carrier, serving 80 countries and transporting over 42 million passengers in 2009. So a strike would threaten international travelers across the globe. Imagine holding a ticket for a Lufthansa flight this week for an important business meeting or an expensive vacation. Would you feel comfortable holding on to the ticket and hoping the labor dispute was resolved?

With trip cancellation insurance, you may be able to cancel the flight, recoup most of your expenses, and re-book your flight on another airline that is not experiencing these types of problems. You can also use trip cancellation insurance to save on costs when cancelling your flights for a number of reasons including both business and personal.

As you well know, international flights are not cheap. And as the Lufthansa problems are showing, anything can and will happen when it comes to international travel. So to make certain you are prepared to protect both your financial investment and your travel plans, you should definitely consider buying trip cancellation insurance.

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