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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Marine Insurance Back at Originating Dock?

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Marine crew insurance can help protect a mariner under dire conditions, and helps restore good health during rocky times. Mariners manage several perils during their voyages, and a voyage on a ship is no walk in the park.

These days, with pirates wreaking havoc off the coast of Somalia, it is but natural that cargo companies and crew are extra wary about their safety and that of the cargo. Marine crew insurance becomes even more valuable at such a time. Shippers now have to also deal with increased insurance premiums if the ship must travel through the Gulf of Aden.

In this scenario, every crew member must check their insurance policy for the fine print to verify that they have adequate insurance coverage. Shippers usually also purchase ransom insurance, which is not part of the marine crew insurance plan. If necessary, ask your employer about the safety measures and other insurance that would affect you.

Typical marine crew insurance covers health, emergency evacuation, and repatriation of remains, almost anywhere in the world. While the incidence of piracy around the Gulf of Aden has shocked many, it is ironic that insurance, which began as a safety net against pirates of days gone by, is still required for the same purpose!

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