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  • Saturday, March 17, 2018

Among the most adventurous and glamorous jobs (at least for the outside world) is to be a crew member on a yacht. Continuous travelling, visiting new places everyday, enjoying the sea in all her majesty. Life is a never-ending adventure.

But, of course, there are quite a few practical problems for the crew members aboard these ships. One of them is difficulty in finding a good health insurance policy that caters to the specialized needs of this demographic.

Since members of a marine yacht crew will be constantly crossing international borders and will not stay in any one country long enough, it poses a new set of challenges. Normal travel insurance plans provide coverage for visitors for fixed dates and venues. So, your typical travel insurance will be inadequate for this need.

Enter marine yacht crew insurance. A policy specially designed with all these needs in mind. It covers all aspects of the needs of this industry in a portable and comprehensive policy. Depending on the assignment, either short term or long term insurance can be chosen. Coverage can be bought for a period starting from 5 days up to 2 years. Also, there are comprehensive group plans available for the entire crew.

Travel with the peace of mind that comes from off-loading your health care worries (read costs) to a marine yacht crew insurance plan.


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