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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Mass Ilness at Hotel Reminds us of the Need for International Health Insurance

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International health insurance is not just for visitors to volatile countries, or for people partaking in dangerous activities while visiting abroad. The truth is, injuries, accidents, and illness can strike at any time, necessitating hospitalization. Visitors to a hotel in Las Vegas found this out the hard way.

Last week, a chemical leak affected patrons of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Over 100 people visiting the hotel's pool claimed to be made sick from the leak, with 12 making trips to the hospital. These visitors were suddenly faced with a problem, and an expense, they could never have anticipated.

You see, something as seemingly harmless as lounging by the pool can accidentally wind up sending you to a hospital. Of course the lesson learned is not to avoid hotel pools, but instead to be prepared with a good international health insurance plan. The group health insurance plan provided by your employer likely only covers domestic incidents, so if something like this were happen to you while you were vacationing abroad, you would definitely appreciate the ability to count on an international insurance policy.

This type of insurance will keep the costs of hospitalization and subsequent treatment at an affordable rate. Without this coverage, you could be faced with anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical bills; all because you stopped by the pool for a few hours! As you can see, illness and injury during vacations abroad are more unpredictable than you'd ever thought, which makes having the right insurance a very smart move.

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