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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

Overseas emergency medical evacuation services, or “medevac,” are rarely ever needed, but they can be extremely expensive and are unlikely to be provided by your at-home medical policy.

In a medical emergency at home, one would have known exactly what to expect: an ambulance would take the victim to a nearby familiar hospital; the condition and treatments would be explained in a known language, and there likely would be family or friends to call on for support. Imagine the plight of someone struck with a medical emergency in a foreign city where they speak a foreign tongue. The only thought that would rush to your mind then is to be back at home, in familiar surroundings.

Medevac services are prepared to step in and take charge of your emergency. The medical emergency evacuation coverage is usually only a small fraction of the coverage in a travel insurance package; fortunately, this potentially very important medevac service can be purchased separately at a small fraction of the cost of a full travel insurance package.

The service consists of two levels of transportation: 1] transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility and 2] repatriation, or transport to a home-city hospital, along with medical coverage.

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