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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Medical Issues Eclipsed with Travel Insurance

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Parts of Asia and Africa will witness a solar eclipse on January 15, and eclipse chasers are setting up tent in countries where the eclipse will be best seen. If you’ve missed this one, you can always catch the one on Easter Island, although most eclipse-watching tours require that you have adequate international travel health insurance.

Easter Island, where the eclipse will be visible in July, also forms the setting for some great sightseeing, and travel agencies offer great package deals for the season. However, the viewing of the eclipse may be disrupted or flights to the nation cancelled simply because of the nature of the phenomenon. The tours therefore require that you purchase international travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits.

Most tours also offer their own insurance, but check the coverage carefully to see if emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains are included. Also check that all relevant coverage is reasonable, and that ratings of the insurance companies themselves are positive.

Lastly, while eclipse viewing may make for exciting travel, especially when at sea, or surrounded by beautiful locations, ensure that you are medically safe when watching the sun. Never view the sun directly, as the rays may damage your eyesight. And enjoy the celestial phenomenon that confounded our ancestors, and inspires awe in us!

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