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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Mission Possible: Flexible Insurance Options for Missionaries

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When you are travelling abroad to spread the word of God or that of service –whether religious, or through a non-profit organization--you want to be able to do that without any trouble. But the nature of the job might require you to travel to countries that are not well-developed. In this situation, it is imperative that you buy missionary insurance prior to departing for your international trip. The term “missionary insurance” is a hangover from the old days, and can cover most international travel for the purpose of serving others.
Before leaving, check the following with respect to your destination:

  1. Recommended immunizations

  2. Any travel advisory issued by the government on travel to the country

  3. Political structure

  4. Religious freedom accorded by the local government

  5. Laws governing last rites

The last mentioned is to make sure that in case of your passing on, your family will be able to perform the last rites according to the rules of your religion. Make an informed choice about serving in a strife-torn region.
Missionary insurance plans are often modified international travel insurance plans with specific tailor-made add-on features for missionaries.

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