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  • Thursday, February 22, 2018

  • Mission Preparation Includes a Lot More Than Insurance!

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Missionary insurance is but a part of the whole mission preparation list. While it is important that you purchase insurance for your mission—regardless of whether the mission is short- or long-term—it is also a fact that it is better to be safe and not fall ill in the first place.

If the mission is your maiden venture, you want to start preparation at least six months in advance. Remember that if you will be away from home for over a year, you might want to consider leasing or sub-leasing your home out.

About six months ahead of your planned mission, collect information about visa procedures and about immunizations and vaccinations required. If your group leader is organizing the visas, make sure that you have all the supporting documentation. This is also a good time to shop for and purchase mission insurance or extra riders to the standard insurance if your mission is sponsoring your insurance.

About two weeks ahead of departure, you want to ensure that your luggage is below the maximum allowable weight for the carrier, and also that you are up-to-date with vaccinations. A couple of days before departure, confirm your flight. The day of departure, ensure that you reach the airport on time!

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