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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

You’ve planned that great vacation in South Africa, and cannot wait to get there. You’ve also purchased international travel insurance, so that’s taken care of. Suddenly, your spouse falls ill, and it looks like the trip will not happen after all.

Tickets were booked at the lowest rate, so you’ll lose some money there, and the hotels do not offer refunds. In this situation, you wish you had checked the “Trip Cancellation” option in the travel insurance application form, don’t you? Most often, trip cancellation is offered as part of travel insurance, with a choice to opt out of it. It’s a safe and sensible thing to opt for, and it costs just a few dollars along with your insurance for international travel.

Trip cancellation insurance is used to safeguard against losses on non-refundable trip expenses such as tickets and some hotel bookings. The most common form of the insurance reimburses if the trip is cancelled due to an unforeseen event such as the death of a close family member. You can also purchase insurance to cover cancellation due to any reason, but it is typically more expensive.

Read the fine print carefully and shop around. Ask questions to explain, for example, how the terms “close family member” and “emergency” are defined by the policy. The best thing that trip cancellation insurance provides is peace of mind for a successful trip.

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