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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

For years, the state of Arizona has served as a battleground for debate around the topic of U.S. immigration reform. A new law in that state is drawing heavy criticism for its potential treatment of immigrants, and the immediate backlash may wind up having a long-lasting impact on international tourism in the area.

The law allows Arizona police officers great freedom in how they treat suspects whom they believe may be illegal immigrants, and many consider the law to essentially sanction racial profiling. This law is sure to make both legal immigrants and naturalized citizens feel more uncomfortable traveling through the state. Certainly no one wants to think that he or she may be the victim of a racial agenda.

The law is already impacting travel within the U.S., as many groups have enacted boycotts against businesses within the state, including the local sports teams. These boycotts are meant to draw attention to the law across the country, and it's not hard to imagine this effort soon extending internationally.

International travelers may look to begin to bypass Arizona on business ventures or even on connecting flights. The hope in such efforts is that awareness of the unfairness of this law can be raised, not only through media coverage but also by affecting the state's financial bottom line, which for most governments is the top priority. It will be fascinating to see how this law continues to impact both local and international travel and tourism.

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