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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

As 2009 draws to a close and the new year just waiting in the wings, it is a time for retrospection and celebration for all! This is especially a great time for international students, who have their first long break of the academic year right about now. It is also the time one can consider purchasing better international student insurance if the student has the default college-sponsored plan.

While first enrolling in college, the international student typically checks off the default insurance option, which offers limited coverage. Oftentimes, better coverage can be purchased privately, at lower cost to boot. This is the perfect time for international students to research insurance options.

Students must remember to also purchase adequate insurance for their dependents, and if required, choose a plan with maternity coverage. Some plans also cover pre-existing conditions, and they might be worthwhile looking into as well.

All in all, the time is right for students to look for alternate insurance. Also, if the student already has purchased insurance for a whole year, it might still be possible to cancel the plan with little or no penalty. It’s a great time to save money—the new year!

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