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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • No Childs’ Play This: Insurance and Return of Minors

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Traveling with children can be a bonding and learning experience for the parent. But imagine for a moment that you fall sick when you are traveling alone with your children. To ensure safety of the children, you should opt for an international travel health insurance plan that includes the Return of Minor Children clause. This clause provides for return of your children to your home country in case any emergency medical condition should affect you.

There is normally an upper limit to which the insurance provider will compensate for the expenses incurred due to the return of minor children. Minor children are those under the age of 18 (age differs according to policy taken) and they should be left unattended, to avail this benefit.

The insurance provider normally pays for the return economy fare to the home town of the children, less value of credit from unused ticket. If it becomes necessary for an escort to accompany them to ensure safety/welfare of the children, then the insurance provider will arrange for the attendant and bear his costs.

More than one child can also be covered under this benefit. Some policies specify the time duration (for example: 36 hours) when the children are left unattended, before the clause takes effect.

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