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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Parle Vous Français? Anyway, You’ll Need Travel Insurance

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A visit to Paris is an enchanting experience for all—those in love, those out of it, and even those who aren’t sure! The French healthcare system is a bit different from the American. Before you go, be sure to purchase adequate international travel health insurance.

For one, the Parisian system of healthcare is funded mostly by employee contributions, and the quality of care is excellent. For minor ailments, you can even visit a local pharmacy, where you can get prescriptions. If you must call an ambulance, call 15. The ambulance will take you to the closest hospital that has the facilities to provide you with care.

You will be expected to pay only when you leave the hospital and not during admission. Although only a few doctors in hospitals can speak English fluently, in most cases, it will be sufficient for medical care. The American Hospital has English-speaking doctors, but the rates are typically higher, and may not be viewed as Usual, Customary and Reasonable by some travel insurance plans.

As with any international travel, keep the following information in your wallet: name, name of hotel, person/people to contact in case of emergency, and pre-existing medical conditions and allergies. Hopefully, you will never have to deal with hospitals during your visit, but if you do, be well-prepared for the task.

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