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  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018

  • Recent Story Reminds Us of the Need for Missionary Insurance

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Missionary work is a noble and rewarding pursuit, but you cannot lose sight of the fact that it is also extremely dangerous. The recent story of 10 American missionaries who were taken hostage in Haiti after trying to take children out of the country has reminded everyone around the world that this type of work can be very hazardous indeed. While it won't protect you from every potentially bad scenario, missionary travel insurance is a wise investment when traveling to unfamiliar countries.

The American missionaries in question visited Haiti after the famous earthquake devastated the country, and they were arrested for trying to transport 33 Haitian children across the border to the Dominican Republic. While missionary travel insurance obviously cannot prevent you from getting arrested, it would certainly be valuable to these ten missionaries and any others visiting the country as well.

With the damage and destruction caused by the earthquake, the potential for missionaries to become ill or injured is extremely high. Any buildings left standing could collapse at any moment, roadways are damaged and unreliable, and there is most certainly a lot of potent germs circulating from the dying citizens.

Should missionaries need medical assistance in an event like this from these many risk factors, missionary travel insurance will make sure they can get affordable coverage. And if this particular incident were to lead the Haitian government to force any remaining missionaries to leave, then missionary travel insurance offers repatriation assistance to help them get back to their home country. If you're considering missionary work in an environment like this, be aware of the many types of potential dangers and purchase insurance to protect yourself.

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