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  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018

With the jingle of Santa Claus’s bells faintly heard, many people sketch out their holiday plans to visit friends and relatives abroad. International travel health insurance plans protect you from any accidents or unexpected situations that may arise during such a visit. But beware—insurance does not give you

Let’s say Fred Lee was traveling to the U.S. to meet his niece. The family was overjoyed to receive Fred and the day before Christmas, they went to see the famous Rockefeller christmas tree. Dinner was at a popular restaurant and Fred had a couple more drinks than he could handle.

When Lee was driving the car back home, he rammed into a tree .He was injured and admitted to a hospital .When his relatives approached the insurance company for help, the company declined. Travel and medical insurance do not cover injuries occurring under the influence of drugs or alcohol beyond the permissible limit.

This might seem a party spoiler, but consider this: Excessive consumption of alcohol impairs brain function and causes coordination problems, blurred vision and even unconsciousness. So when you injure yourself or lose baggage under the influence of alcohol, it is not really an ‘accident’ or even ‘unexpected’. So next time while on a visit- do not drink and drive; better still, do not consume too much alcohol.

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