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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

Planning to attend the upcoming World Cup event in South Africa? It is just a few months away, however tickets are still remaining, so it is not too late to make plans to attend. If you do go, however, make certain that while reserving event tickets and hotel accommodations, you also purchase travel insurance.

While over 2 million tickets have already been sold, that only counts for 1/3rd the total amount of tickets. If you choose to invest in tickets, airfare, and hotel reservations, you will be making a significant financial commitment. What happens if something happens in your personal or professional life that suddenly prevents you from being able to go?

Travel insurance will protect your travel investment. If you need to cancel a flight, or you miss a connection due to delays or other circumstances, travel insurance will help absorb the cost of your bookings so that you don't lose all the money you have spent. So with just a small upfront payment, you can make sure you don't lose a lot of money.

The World Cup is perhaps the largest sporting event in the world, and 2010's unique location of South Africa has many people excited for the event. However, because of the importance and popularity of the event, it can be quite expensive to attend. To make certain that a sudden change in plans doesn't cost you all the money you've spent on travel plans, consider purchasing travel insurance.

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