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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Springing into a Healthy Semester with Insurance

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This new year, 2010, is touted as the beginning of the reversal of fortunes, with the economy starting to look up greatly. For international students, this year could well be the turning point—so it's important to stay healthy with international student insurance.

Now that the spring semester has begun, you should know where you stand in terms of academics. If you are entering your second semester of studies, it is the time you can pull up your socks, and get over your initial feeling of homesickness to excel at studies.

If you are entering your third or fifth semesters, it is also a time for deciding about your future, and training your sights on your future plans—be it entering into a doctoral program, or getting that coveted job, with a work permit. While winter is at its peak, it is also the time that you must be careful about your health, and ensure that your international student health insurance remains unused.

If you do fall sick, remember to use your health insurance when you receive treatment. Also, winter can be a trying time in terms of mental health, and keep in mind that your student health plan usually covers mental health as well.

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