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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Stay Safe and Secure Self with Insurance

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Around the world, international students have benefited greatly from international student insurance. Whether a study abroad student from the United States, or an international student studying in the United States, insurance will help students protect themselves during one of the most financially unstable periods of their lives.

The recent spate of attacks in Australia have turned the heads of many—especially since the attacks seem targeted against students, for the most part. While U.S. universities are known for their diversity and attacks are less common, it is nonetheless in the best interest of every student to protect himself/herself against crime.

Often, international students are unable to afford university housing. University housing is often expensive, and sometimes unavailable to graduate students. Housing around the campus then becomes the obvious choice. However, this poses a problem for universities and colleges in cities where the crime rate is high.

To safeguard against attacks, student must avoid traveling alone at night. Female students must be extra careful. Having pepper spray on person at all times is a good idea. However, students must check the legality of the pepper spray in their own state. If, by chance, the student is a victim of mugging, it is best to not be a hero—it is better to let go of possessions rather than try and fight the attackers.

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