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  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018

  • Staying Cool when Sick Abroad-I: The Destination

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Falling ill on an overseas trip can be nerve racking for some people, in spite of purchasing international travel health insurance. There is no need for it to be traumatic, say insurance experts, who suggest that all that is required is preparation and patience. So how can you ensure that you stay calm during a medical emergency abroad?

The preparation should start even before you leave for the trip. When you’re reading up on the destination, pay attention to its climate, altitude and common infections. Ensure that it is indeed a place that will agree with you.

If you think the place may not agree with your health, consider an alternate, or check if international travel insurance typically covers the condition. Remember that if you have a tendency toward vitamin D deficiency, you may not want to travel to a place with little to no sunlight.

Also check the Centres for Disease Control Web site to see if any health alerts have been posted for your destination. The Web site will also provide loads of information about immunizations required for visit to your destination, as well as a list of travel health insurance companies.

When you’re all set with the destination, ensure that you don’t obsess about the health aspect. Worry can make one more susceptible to illness. Next, you’ll need appropriate international travel health insurance.

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