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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Staying Cool when Sick Abroad-II: Travel Health Insurance

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In the last post, Staying Cool when Sick Abroad-I:The Destination, we looked at some ways you can prepare yourself for a healthy trip abroad even before purchasing international travel health insurance. Now that you’re set with the destination, you must purchase a suitable international travel health insurance policy.

When purchasing the plan, ask the most important questions right off the bat: What do I do when I fall sick? Ask the company to walk you through the steps required when you require medical assistance. If the company can dig up a list of hospitals at your destination, request them for a copy.

Also ask: How can I contact the insurance company when abroad? It is a good idea to purchase insurance from a company that has a presence, or at least a toll-free number, at your destination. Note down the number in your wallet or somewhere easily accessible.

Remember to specifically ask the company about typical situations that are not covered. While brochures may explain the benefits in detail, remember to read the fine print about exclusions as well. If your research has yielded information on infections you may be susceptible to, specifically ask if those conditions will be covered. Find out how much your international travel medical insurance will work for you.

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