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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Staying Cool when Sick Abroad-III: More Insurance Considerations

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In the last two posts related to international travel health insurance, we looked at Staying Cool when Sick Abroad: Destination and Travel Health Insurance. Now that you have asked the questions you need answered, you are ready to decide on the coverage that you will need when traveling abroad.

Just from your research and questions, you probably have a good idea of what situations insurance plans will cover and what they will not. Remember to purchase insurance according to your need and situation. Just because Joe Smith is buying an adventurous sports policy does not mean that you need it.

Usually, a higher deductible translates into a lower premium. So, if you want to insure against just the major occurrences, you might consider purchasing a plan with a $500 or $1,000 deductible. If you do not want to take that risk, and would rather pay the extra premium (especially in case of trips shorter than two weeks), it might be worthwhile to consider a lower deductible instead.

Also, depending on your destination, you might want to look for the following: coverage for pre-existing conditions (some plans offer limited coverage for the sudden onset of these), adventurous sports coverage (especially for seaside resorts featuring many water activities), medical and political evacuation coverage, in-network hospitals (for cashless settlement), and repatriation of remains.

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