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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Staying Cool when Sick Abroad-VII: Once You’re Out of Danger

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International travel medical insurance can be a lifesaver in case you do actually fall ill when abroad. In this last post, we’ll look at what to do once the worst is behind you. There will still be some paperwork left before you can continue on your travel.

If you have received medical help or been hospitalized, check whether the medical facility accepts your insurance for cashless settlement. Obviously, it is best to do this before you receive treatment, but in the case of an emergency, that may not be possible. If you will have to pay the fees and then claim reimbursement, request receipts for every dollar (or whatever the local currency is) that you spent.

Many countries allow patients to take their medical records with them when they leave the hospital, and ensure that you take all of that with you, including a discharge summary, in case of hospitalization.

If you are medically fit to continue your travel, do so without fear; however, take up a lighter travel load if possible. If traveling with a group and they have advanced further along the trip, necessitating a change in plan, and you have trip cancellation benefits, check whether you are eligible for some benefits. And most of all, remember to enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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