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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Stolen Purses, Cancelled Flights: Making Valid Travel Insurance Claims

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More than 10% of rejected insurance complaints are unfair, but only a tenth of the people making the claim actually question the rejection, according to a study. This figure is likely even higher when it comes to international travel insurance. Typically, the rate of rejection is higher with international travel insurance claims, for various reasons.

What can you do to make those claims more effective? Even before you go on that trip, at least skim through the fine print of your policy. It makes common sense that claims of accidents when under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be covered under international travel insurance, but in a recent survey, 70% of Britons did not know that.

When you’re at your destination, and a reason for claim appears, what do you do? Let’s say your wallet gets stolen. Report the matter immediately to the nearest authorities, and get a copy of the official complaint. Also call your travel insurance company and report the loss. You can also check the next steps with the agent on the phone.

Next, make sure you have filled out all the requisite paperwork for your international travel insurance claim. Have someone look over it once, if required. Make a copy of everything you send to the insurance company for your records. Mail the claim form, and keep your fingers crossed!

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