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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Students Heading Overseas for Holiday Break Can Save with International Student Health Insurance

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The holiday break gives college students a chance to unwind from a strenuous semester of studying. For some, that means heading home to visit family. For others, that may mean an exciting vacation or even volunteer work overseas. If your holiday break plans involve overseas travel, be sure you are protected with international student health insurance.

While traveling internationally is certainly an exciting and enriching way to spend a vacation, there are many health risks associated with it as well. Fatigue from a long international flight can leave you more susceptible to illness, and your chances of illness will be increased with factors like new environments to get adjusted to.

The insurance plan you rely on in your home country will probably not cover you while overseas, so unless you already have an international student health insurance plan (which you might if you are in a study abroad program), you should certainly look into purchasing one. Otherwise, the bill for even the simplest doctor's visit may cost you hundreds of dollars.

This type of insurance covers students who are studying internationally or visiting another country during a break. It helps cover the cost of hospitalization, doctor’s visits, and prescription, amongst other things. That way, if you do have to visit the hospital during your vacation, you will not be stuck with a medical bill costing thousands of dollars. If you are watching your budget, and what student isn’t – this makes for a wise investment.

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