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  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Situated in the south of Central Europe, Switzerland is mainly a mountainous country. Its landlocked position, with no direct access to the sea and once a commercial disadvantage, is compensated for by its location in the very centre of the Alps and thus in the centre of Europe itself. The 4000 m/13,000 ft peaks of the High Alps and the lesser summits of the Pre-Alpine regions began to attract the first modern tourists - mainly British - during the 19th c. Since then Switzerland has developed into a Mecca for tourists of every nationality and age.

Switzerland is a federal republic consisting of 26 states, called cantons. Bern is the seat of the federal authorities, while the country’s economic centers are its three global cities, Geneva, Basel and especially Zürich. Switzerland is multilingual and has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.

Known as a summer and winter sports paradise, Switzerland is where people first skied for fun. Illustrious names evoke all the romance and glamorous drama of the mountain high life: Zermatt, St Moritz, Interlaken, Gstaad, the Jungfrau, Verbier and more. The grandeur of the finest churches, such as the cathedrals in Lausanne and Bern, contrasts with sparkling but lesser-known treasures like the frescoes of Müstair or the abbey complex of St Gallen (both World Heritage sites). Whether visiting the remotest Ticino villages or sampling the finest of Valais wines, you’ll find Switzerland a chocolate box bursting with unexpected flavours. For all those tennis fans, its the land of Roger Federer.

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