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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Taking an International Ski Vacation? Don’t Forget Insurance

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Did watching the Winter Olympics put you in the mood to take a ski vacation? Whether your destination is Denver, the Alps, or the home of the Olympics themselves Vancouver, skiing is always a popular vacation option. However it's also a potentially dangerous activity, so be sure if you're heading to another country you're covered by international health insurance.

Novices and experts alike can get injured skiing, so don't think that just because you've graduated from the bunny slopes you no longer need to worry about broken legs and other injuries. And simply being careful while skiing is not enough, because freak accidents can occur at any time. When those accidents occur, you need to make certain you have insurance coverage for the country you're visiting, otherwise you could be facing some very expensive fees.

You see, even if you have an insurance policy in your native country, it likely doesn't cover activity that occurs in other countries. So you will be considered uninsured in the country you're vacationing in, which means you will have to pay for your emergency room care out of your own pocket, which can get very expensive very fast.

But international health insurance policies, which can be bought online with a few clicks of the mouse, will absorb most of the high costs of medical care, leaving you to pay only a fraction of the costs. Plus you can buy it for short periods of time, making it perfect for vacations. It will offer you tremendous savings if you need to use it and peace of mind even if you don't. So while you're booking your airfare and resort lodging, don't forget to buy insurance as well.

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