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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • The Art of Insurance Reimbursement and Disclosure

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Question: I’m planning a really short trip to England, and don’t expect to do anything stressful. Should I disclose my nagging back pain on my international medical insurance application form? Will it increase my premium?

Answer: Filling out medical insurance forms can be overwhelming. While you don’t want to write about every little muscle pull and toothache that you have suffered in your life, you must never wilfully give incorrect information. Even if the insurance is for a short time, such as international medical insurance , be truthful in your application form.

Withholding information may lead to cancellation of your policy. Also, if a related problem crops up, or the undisclosed problem is detected when treating another medical condition, your international travel medical insurance is of no use. You will be hard-pressed to find insurance in a foreign land.

As for your travel insurance premium, that will usually not be affected. However, the conditions that you disclose will probably be excluded from coverage. Remember that your application is not the only way previously existing conditions can be detected. Medical records and your own body can give tell-tale signs of conditions. It’s better to be safe and disclose all the information that you have, before buying your international medical insurance. Bon Voyage!

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