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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Travel Assistance Features Add More Value to International Travel Insurance Plans

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On many international vacations, trying to learn the language on the fly can be a fun and exciting experience. Many locals find it charming when a tourist attempts to speak in their language, and you as a traveler feel more like a real part of the area when doing so. But when a problem arises and you need help, not being fluent in a language can be a real problem. That is when international travel insurance plans with travel assistance features become incredibly valuable.

Imagine trying to re-book a canceled or delayed flight with little to no grasp of the language of the country you are in. Or think about how hard it could be to track down bags in a country where you were unfamiliar with the language. And remember, even if you are well-versed in the language of the destination country you are headed to, there is always a possibility that you could be connecting in a country you are not familiar with.

But with the concierge services offered by many international travel insurance providers, you can speak with multilingual service reps who can help work with airline personnel and anyone else you may need to resolve a conflict with. These reps can communicate seamlessly in your language and that of the customer service agents you are trying to work with at the airport.

This way, you have help on your side in what can otherwise be a frustrating and difficult time. These services can be purchased at an additional fee, and some providers may even offer them to you free of charge as a perk of your coverage. Be sure you inquire about these types of helpful services before you purchase any policy.

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