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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Travel Blues: Special Features of Yacht Crew Insurance

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A typical international travel insurance plan may not meet the needs of a person who travels for specific needs—for example, missionary work, or as part of marine crew. Missionary insurance and yacht crew insurance will serve the purposes of these special types of travelers.

Yacht crew insurance and marine crew insurance plans such as Global Navigator contain special caveats and benefits, including 100% insurance payment outside the United States, 80% in network in the United States, and 60% outside the network within the United States.

Yacht crew insurance usually requires medical approval, and the minimum plan period is usually six months. While regular international travel insurance usually does not cover medical expenses related to mental, emotional, or functional nervous disorders, yacht crew insurance covers some or all of these situations, up to a maximum of 100%. Treatment related to alcohol or drug abuse is also covered.

Some yacht crew insurance plans cover maternity, after one year of continuous coverage. It is important to compare prices and benefits before choosing a marine crew insurance plan that suits your particular needs.

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