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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

We have all been saddened by the environmental damage sustained in the gulf coast thanks to the recent oil spill. But you may not realize this environmental disaster could become an economic disaster for the region’s tourism industry. If you are considering a visit to the area from another country, you may want to consider protecting your investment with international travel insurance.

As clean-up efforts intensify, they may not be enough to make the area an immediately viable tourist destination once again. So your plans to visit the once-beautiful beaches in the area may be derailed. And without international travel insurance, that could be a very costly problem for you.

Insurance for international travel will help reimburse the expenses associated with travel cancellations and re-scheduling. So when you cancel or re-schedule a flight, instead of being out your initial investment, you can re-coup a large portion of losses.

With the current situation in the gulf cost, needing to cancel your trip or postpone it until later in the year is a very real possibility. Don’t take a needless financial loss when the alternative of travel insurance offers you a safer option.

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