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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Travel Insurance in the Time of Recession

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The economy seems to be on its way to revival, but the signs of recession are still quite visible. One of the most obvious signs is the decrease in travel worldwide. Needless to say, there has also been a negative trend in international travel health insurance .

However, eliminating international travel health insurance can be the single most disastrous decision of your trip, and you will kick yourself for not purchasing insurance if something does go wrong. International travel does not have to be expensive.

Insurance for international travel typically costs between 7% to 8% of the cost of the trip, and there are several ways to save that money on your trip. Travel on a non-peak day—flight tickets are much cheaper, and can save you up to 10% of the ticket cost. For accommodation, try Couchsurfing, a concept where locals provide a couch in their home for free. Purchasing a flight, hotel, and rental car package can also save you some dough. For gifts, buy souvenirs that are unique to you, not necessarily bestsellers of the place.

So, you see, there is really no reason to skip that international travel insurance! You might even save some money in the bargain.

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