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  • Friday, February 23, 2018

  • Travel Insurance: Is Your Baggage Getting Its Due?

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You don’t want to carry baggage into a relationship, but you certainly want all your baggage on that trip to France! Especially that Louis Vitton bag! International travel insurance may not cover the true cost of your baggage. Do you need baggage insurance?

The answer depends. If you have a homeowner’s insurance policy, the loss of your baggage abroad may be covered. Check your home insurance policy. Also, unless you have something really valuable in those bags, you may be satisfied with the standard-issue insurance provided by your travel and/or your airline insurance. Remember that the airline baggage insurance ceases with the luggage carousel.

If you’re carrying a laptop for official purposes, your homeowner’s insurance will not pay for its loss. And consider the value of these common items whose value we sometimes tend to ignore: digital camera, laptop, mp3 player, mobile phone, designer clothes and luggage. If you think your luggage warrants it, purchase extra luggage insurance as part of your international insurance to enjoy your vacation a bit more.

Also consider your destination. Not all countries are alike, and if the crime rate and efficiency of the destination is questionable, it might be a better idea to be covered than discovered!

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