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  • Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • Travel Insurance: Where Group-Think Is a Good Thing

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When traveling in a group, you may wonder whether it is best to purchase individual international travel health insurance or group international insurance. The answer really depends on the nature of your group, and how you’d like to be covered.

With group travel insurance, the hassle of looking for and purchasing individual insurance plans is reduced to a great extent. Everyone has the same insurance, and so, there is less to keep track of. There is also another huge factor in favor of group insurance, and that is cost. Compared to individual international travel health policies, group plans offer a better rate.

However, there are a few restrictions when it comes to group travel insurance plans. One of them, which most group insurance plans insist on, is that all members of the group get similar coverage—that is, the same maximum benefit (for all members under 70 years) and deductible.

To be eligible for the Atlas Group Travel Series, for example, groups must comprise at least five people. Typical benefits of group travel insurance plans are similar to those of individual international travel health insurance plans. Usually, groups of people of roughly the same age group and large groups will benefit greatly from group travel insurance plans. Also, if you’re organizing an overseas trip, it will be easier for you if you purchased group insurance.

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