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  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018

  • Travel Medical Insurance: What Kind to Choose?

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When you dream of a vacation on the beach, you should automatically factor in international medical insurance as well. Insurance will help protect you against unexpected healthcare costs. If traveling with family and children, this becomes all the more important.

However, the kind of insurance that you purchase will depend on a few factors. Is your travel itinerary dependent on making each stop on schedule, or are you planning to play it by ear? If the latter, then you can purchase medical insurance without trip cancellation benefits.

If, on the other hand, your return home on the planned date is of utmost importance, or if many of the reservations are non-refundable, then you would want to purchase trip cancellation benefits as well. When purchasing trip cancellation benefits, be sure to check the clauses and conditions that it covers—else, you might want to add “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage to your plan.

The duration of the plan will also determine whether you want to purchase long-term insurance or short-term insurance. While short-term insurance can be purchased for up to 24 months, it does not cover preventive medicine and pre-existing conditions. So, if you’re planning a trip for more than six months, you might want to consider purchasing a long-term medical insurance plan.

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